Obama's Creepy Homage to Campaign Worker

The news that is not White House approved...

Let's Talk About Me

The president has not given up his fight for a government health care takeover, and he made another push for it at a DNC fundraiser last week. Things got a little creepy when he paid homage to a devoted campaign worker:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I got a letter — I got a note today from one of my staff. They forwarded it to me from a woman in St. Louis who had been part of our campaign, very active, who had passed away from breast cancer.

She didn't have insurance. She couldn't afford it so she had put off having the kind of exams that she needed. And she had fought a tough battle for four years. All through the campaign she was fighting it but finally she succumbed to it. And then she insisted she's going to be buried in an Obama T-shirt.


We all know how much the president loves to talk about himself, but I think takes the cake.

Does this campaign worker have a name? If so, Mr. President, you might want to learn it the next time so it's not so obvious you're using her as a prop for your political agenda.


It is the end of the road for one rising star in the Democratic Party, this time in the state of Illinois.

Scott Lee Cohen, who just last week won the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor, has now dropped out of the race after it was revealed that back in 2005 he was arrested on domestic battery charges when he allegedly held his girlfriend against the wall with a knife to her throat. The girlfriend, by the way, had been previously arrested for prostitution.

True to form, this classy politician made his announcement at a bar during the halftime of the Super Bowl Sunday night:



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Take your time.

COHEN: ... people of the state of Illinois, and for the Democratic Party, I will resign.


Democrats must be so proud to have Scott Lee Cohen in their party.

Following His Lead?

Speaking of embattled politicians, rumors are circulating in New York about a major scandal involving Democratic Governor David Patterson. The New York Times is reportedly putting the final touches on a bombshell article that could force the governor of New York to resign.

Sources have told the New York Daily News that this new scandal is "much worse than previous revelations about his infidelity." However, a Patterson spokeswoman issued a statement Monday calling these rumors "entirely false, deeply irresponsible" and saying that the governor has no plans to step down.

I don't know, it sounds like David Paterson could be following Eliot Spitzer's lead, doesn't it?

Snow Day

The Meltdown is brought to you by the D.C. snowstorm that dumped about two feet of snow on the Washington area over the weekend causing thousands of power outages and keeping many people home from work Monday. It's the most severe winter storm in years, which would seem to contradict Al Gore's hysterical global warming theories.

It is also ironic given that just a couple of years ago Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was sounding the alarm about the lack of snow in the area. In the Los Angeles Times he lamented that, "Snow is so scarce today that most Virginia children probably don't own a sled. But neighbors came to our home at Hickory Hill nearly every winter weekend to ride saucers and flexible fliers."

Yes, the good old days flying saucers at the Kennedys. Pretty unbelievable.

I bet the snow even kept Al Gore's jet from taking off.

Bigger Government

Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke tunneled his way through two feet of snow in D.C. Monday in order to hold a news conference to discuss the threat global warming poses to the U.S. He announced that your hard-earned tax dollars would be funding a new government agency on climate change that will be known as the Climate Service and be headquartered in D.C.

I'm sure the Climate Service will do a lot to get us out of this economic crisis and probably help with the snow.

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