As we reported Monday night, the Obama administration signaled last weekend that it might take the so-called public option on health care off the table. That means the government would abandon a federal insurance program funded by billions of tax dollars.

Well as soon as the far left heard that, they went nuts, besieging the White House. As we've stated, the goal for radicals is to redistribute income from corporate and affluent America to the poor and low-wage earners. You do that by giving folks with not a lot of money entitlements like health care, housing, food and guaranteed incomes. That is the goal of the far left. That is why they want the feds to control health care.

In the coming weeks it will be interesting to see if President Obama caves in to the radical movement, because there is no question most Americans reject the far-left philosophy. A new study by Gallup says conservatives significantly outnumber liberals in 47 states. Only Hawaii, Vermont and Massachusetts have an even split. Liberals don't have a majority anywhere.

But the media is heavily left, and liberal voices dominate the national conversation on television and in the newspapers. That has emboldened the far left, Netroots folks, who held a convention last weekend in Pittsburgh. They don't much like America:


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We kidnapped people. We disappeared people. We tortured people, and we even killed people in U.S. custody. Torture is a war crime. Murder, last time I checked, is a pretty serious crime.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why are we in Afghanistan? Why have we invaded a country? Why are we spending millions and ultimately a trillion dollars in pursuit of what?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's a limit to what we can really do at FOX. CNN putting Lou Dobbs on the air — every time that Lou Dobbs would go on the evening, you know, regular broadcast during the elections, I would be thinking, what are they doing? This guy's an avowed racist, right, being put in with mainstream journalists.


Now that kind of hate defines the radical left, and President Obama would be smart to distance himself from it. But in the health care debate, left-wing loons are insistent that the government run the health care system. They call it social justice.

"Talking Points" believes the Obama administration is intimidated by the far left and fear their zealotry. But if the president governs in their direction, he will fail dismally. The United States is a center-right country with a strong tradition of self-reliance. Mr. Obama would be wise to consider that.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Singer Billy Joel has endorsed a piano-playing cat named Nora in Philadelphia.

Click here to watch Nora play the piano!

Now, we like cats and dogs. They provide a lot of comfort for folks. And if the cat can play the piano, she might be a patriot.

On the pinhead front, actress Megan Fox is trying to fool the kids:


MEGAN FOX, ACTRESS: I'm actress Megan Fox. Every year thousands of kids enter our high schools, succumbing to terrible peer pressure. Let's face it: High school can be tough, and kids can be cruel, picking on others for just being different. What really matters is being yourself, and if that includes slowly killing, then eating every boy at your school, well, then I say do it, because nothing is more important than just being who you are.


Actually that whole thing is a promo for Ms. Fox's new movie. It's a ruse, so she is a pinhead.

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