Not that he'd take advice from me, but if the president wants to improve public support for his health care reform, he should be thinking more like a salesman than a statesman.

Think car salesman — even used car salesman. Not that he is, mind you, but he could do worse taking cues from folks who don't take no for an answer.

And the only way you can win over folks who have all sorts of doubts about buying a car, is remove the doubts and offer guarantees.

You heard me right: Guarantee what you're offering, what you're saying.

So, Mr. President, you say your plan won't mean giving up your doctor; guarantee you get to keep your doctor.

You say health care won't be rationed; then guarantee it won't be rationed. Guarantee you won't wait in line. Guarantee you won't die, waiting for a vital MRI or CAT scan.

And you say this death panel talk is silly; then guarantee no bureaucrat will so much as hint at what our end-of-life wishes are.

And while we're at it, you say this whole health care reform of yours won't add to the deficit; guarantee that too. And not just with spending cut triggers you're promising, but spending cut triggers you're guaranteeing — in writing. You don't play, you pay.

Because nothing gets a car buyer buying than a deal and a guarantee that he's protected, in case the thing's a lemon and won't pay through the nose if he's got a lemon.

Mr. President, you insist your reform ain't a lemon — then guarantee it. Guarantee we won't pay more or get less. Not with words, but actions and irrevocable guarantees. That'll help you close the deal.

Just ask G.M., who's giving folks 60 days to try their cars and if they don't like them, they don't have to buy their cars.

There's a company standing by its stuff, even though I guess it's our stuff since G.M. is our company now. No matter. If the government offered the same guarantees on health care, this reform thing would take off.

I guarantee it.

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