Obama Should Look Outside to Find Out Why He's Losing Support Inside

Not that the White House would ever ask me for political advice, but you know why the president's falling in the polls?

Not because Americans don't think he shares their concerns; they don't think he shares anything.

Not responsibility for when things go wrong; always the other guy.

And not responsibility for fixing things up; certainly not his guys.

So he talks up a big deal on taxing insurance coverage that temporarily exempts his union pals, only hours after pushing a financial crisis responsibility fee to go after TARP-takers that conveniently exempts his auto pals.

So banks that have paid back TARP — with interest and early — get hit permanently. Auto guys who haven't paid back TARP — and likely never will — get a pass indefinitely?

There's something weird about that; something very inconsistent and unfair about that too: Shared pain means shared burden; It doesn't mean pick-and-choose burden.

If exempting auto guys and auto union guys doesn't make you see what's going on, maybe this will: The administration blaming deficit ills not on a reckless Washington spending money, but on desperate entities it, at the time, said deserved the money.

The ones who took the money might be sinners, but this is just sinful.

And this is why this guy's poll numbers are falling: He's too busy blaming others for what went wrong in the past and cozily rewarding his friends and punishing his enemies under the guise of making sure it doesn't happen in the future.

Either is lying.

My God, he hasn't just lost support. Americans are telling him clear as a bell he's lost something more: His soul.

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