'Obama Sex Tape' E-Mail Is Dangerous Virus

That Obama sex tape e-mail you might have received? Don't open it.

The e-mail, titled "Barack Obama sex story with girls," seems to come from an address called "obamasex@obama.com," reports the Internet security company Websense.

The e-mail reads in part:

"Sensation!!! United States Senator for Illinois Barack Obama in 2007 was travel to Ukraine and have sex action with many ukrainian girls! You may view this private porno in a flash video. Download and view now."

In case the Borat-like English and the references to the Ukraine haven't tipped you off, the attachment is full of PC viruses from Eastern Europe.

While you do get some generic porn video clips, none of which feature Barack Obama, you also get software that steals all your personal data and sends it to a Web site in Finland.

It's not the first time Obama's sex life has been linked to malware.

According to Wired magazine, an e-mail entitled "Scandal rocks Obama as lurid sex video leaked" made the rounds in June. That one led you to porn Web sites that asked you to install "viewers" on your PC.

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