You know, I have criticized this president's budget. I have criticized his projections. And I have criticized his spending.

It's been very easy for me to do because he makes it easy for me to find — and that's a compliment.

Because say what you will of the president's numbers, he's not hiding his numbers. Everything's on budget. Nothing's off budget.

That, my friends, is called transparency.

Now, we all can transparently see how much money we're wasting. And transparently marvel at only $7.7 billion of pork in this spending bill.

It's all there. They're not really hiding anything.

The $5.8 million for the Edward M. Kennedy Institute.

The $2.1 million for something called the Wisconsin Height Modernization Program — I have no idea.

The $900,000 for the planetarium and museum in Chicago.

It’s all spelled out. Each earmark, every earmark, all 8,570 earmarks. All there. Not one not there. For all to see. If we're at all interested.

Trouble is, few are.

It’s a pity, because like I said, it is all there: the World Trade Center for Montana. The school sidewalks for Tennessee. The pedestrian pathways for Utah.

Line-by-line, every line — on the Web. A tangled web of spending, yes. A hidden web of spending, no.

It's clear as a bell. Just like it's clear as a bell, after reading it, that these guys clearly haven't the foggiest idea all this stuff works. Just that it costs. In numbers too staggering to imagine.

But this time, we don't have to imagine. Because as I said, they're all there.

Even from a president who says he doesn't like them. Vows to end them. But what the heck, he signs onto them.

I know — doesn't sound too transparent. But this spending plan sure is. Transparently terrifying to be exact. But all in black and white, to be sure.

It’s like a big old cook book and we're the ones on the menu.

But at least we can see clearly: Take Neil, bake him to 325 degrees until crisp. It’s not that bad.

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