While the media fawns at another "barrier" being broken, more important stories are being missed. And yes, the media stinks on ice, but this time it's not necessarily all their fault.

Here's the one thing: The president is pulling a page from the community organizing playbook and he's overwhelming the system.

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President Obama is simultaneously dumping so many huge agenda items on the system, even if the media wanted to cover each of the big stories they wouldn't be able to devote enough time to do it. So instead, we get stuck watching yet another pathetic confirmation hearing.

Sure, Sotomayor is a big story, but the prevailing wisdom was she'd pass with little issue. So why waste time covering agonizing "speeches-poorly-disguised-as-questions" that serve only to give more TV face time for slimy politicians?

It's misdirection and it's achieved by overwhelming the system with too much for the media to handle at once.

So, while America watches Sonia Sotomayor get compliments on her Latin-ness from Democrats and predictable complaints from Republicans, we miss Obama is talking about things like:

A second stimulus package, even though he said the first stimulus is "working as intended." Geez, if 9.5 percent unemployment and a tumbling economy is "working as intended," what would happen if the stimulus didn't work? And why would we even need a second one if the first is working? I guess we'll never know.

But hey, a wise Latina is in the Supreme Court! Yay, another barrier is broken!

We'll also stay in the dark on how world powers are moving away from the dollar. Check out this picture of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev holding up what he says is a "future world currency" under the "unity in diversity" motto?

Nothing on the collapsing dollar, but I get to learn all the trials and tribulations of Sonia Sotomayor's life.

Why waste time following stories like Al Gore saying the U.S. climate bill (cap-and-trade) will help "bring about global governance"? Why mention that Obama's pick to head the environment division at the Department of Justice is from G.E.? Sure she defended G.E. in pollution lawsuits and G.E. is trying to get stimulus money for their "eco-magination" clean energy products, but there is no way that government and business are melding together.

Get off the crazy train! There's a wise Latina in the Supreme Court!

Oh, and I almost forgot, just ignore President Obama's meeting, Monday, with union leaders pushing his health care agenda and the Democrats, who just happen to be rolling out their health care reform package.

What are the odds all of this happens today? It's so weird.

There is simply not enough time in the day to fully cover everything our community organizer in chief is pushing through; even Congress doesn't have time to read the bills before them.

Obama is overwhelming the system and on top of that he's rushing things through. He gives everything some sort of emergency label:

"Act now to avoid total economic collapse!"

"Four million armpit-less kids are without health care. The time is now to change!"

It's a calculated tactic, straight out of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" and it seems to be working.

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