Tonight in our special inauguration edition of Hannity's America...

Co$t of Obama-rama

Barack Obama's inaugural bash is going to be the most expensive celebration in U.S. history. Its opulence stands in stark contrast to our faltering economy, yet those who expected frugality from George W. Bush four years ago are strangely silent this go-around.

As the Media Research Center notes back in January of 2005, ABC's Terry Moran asked about President Bush's party plans, saying "In a time of war and national disaster, is it time for a lavish celebration?" And AP reporter Will Lester was equally credulous, charging, "Do we need to spend this money on what seems so extravagant?"

This, when the cost of Obama's inaugural will dwarf past celebrations and make those of President Bush's look like budget bashes.


Obama's chief of staff Rahm "Rahmbo" Emanuel stopped by NBC this weekend and had a chat with David Gregory, emphasizing the importance of responsibility by the American people and by the incoming administration during such a time of economic turmoil.


RAHM EMANUEL, OBAMA ADMINISTRATION CHIEF OF STAFF: I think what you will hear is a time and a place in which we all have in an era of responsibility.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: And that era starts on Wednesday. But first... can we do a crazy Conga line? Yes we can!

EMANUEL: That too long there's been a culture of anything goes.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: And anything does go when the people love you as much as they love us!

EMANUEL: And that to do what we need to do as a country, to regain America's greatness and continue to move forward and be an example around the world, we need that culture of responsibility.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Why should people be angry that we're using millions of taxpayer dollars to help fund the festivities?

EMANUEL: Not just to be asked of the American people, but that its leaders must also lead by example.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: And we're choosing to lead by our example of throwing the most expensive inaugural bash in U.S. history in the midst of two wars and an economic crisis. Double standards are a beautiful thing when they swing in your favor!


If this is the example they're choosing to set on their very first day in office, and if they follow in those footsteps, it's only going to take us one way: the wrong direction.

Banking on Barack

While the Obama phenomenon is slowing some businesses down, it's doing wonders for others. Pepsi has re-branded its logo which now bears a striking resemblance to Obama's very own.

In a Dear Mr. President campaign, the company is asking customers, "What would you say to the man who's about to refresh America?" It features statements on its home page such as, "Everything will be different, and I've never felt more optimistic."

H2Obama, a premium spring water featuring the man of the hour on the bottle, is also taking off.

And for those seeking more permanent ways to express their support for the 44th president, a D.C. tattoo parlor is offering free Obama tattoos with the purchase of $200 or more. The offer only lasts through tomorrow, so you better act fast!

Gone in Four Years?

NASA scientist James Hanson is issuing the president-elect a very tall order: Save the world in four years or less or else!

In a missive to Mr. Obama, Dr. Hanson argued that barring the imposition of a carbon tax for all producers of fossil fuels and a moratorium on new power plants that burn coal — or factories of death as he calls them — the earth will, in fact, perish.

Dr. Hanson argues that burning fossil fuels over the next four years will "destroy the planet as we know it... the planet of stable climate in which civilization developed.”

Dr. Hanson didn't specify which civilization he meant, but it could possibly be ours as fluctuations in temperature have been a natural part of our climate from as far back as the 15th century. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Pushing Pistols

The president-elect is stimulating an unexpected segment of the economy: the firearms industry. The Web site Hot Air notes that Obama's consistent votes against the right to bear arms as well as his steadfast support for anti-gun groups seems to have spurred consumers to action.

Directly following Mr. Obama's election in November of last year, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System reported an astonishing 48 percent increase in the background checks required to purchase a firearm.

For this mean feat, The Outdoor Wire — the nation's largest daily electronic news service for the outdoor industry — has named the president-elect its gun salesman of the year. And for that, we extend our deep congratulations.