Obama Could Learn Something from Steve Jobs

I think some things happen for a reason.

Take this week, actually on the same day, both Steve Jobs and Barack Obama made big announcements. Only Steve's was shorter and he had the goods to back up the rhetoric.

I say this with no disrespect to the president, but maybe as a reminder to the president.

Talk less to us. Listen more to Steve.

Here's why.

Steve doesn't talk much, and when he does, it's a big deal — usually to announce a big deal — and usually he brings along the goods to prove it's a big deal.

Not just pie in sky; but product in hand.

The president is big on pie, but lately more sleight of hand.

He needs thousands of pages to explain his products; Steve can do it all in a pamphlet. The president says his stuff could be up and running in years; Steve's stuff is usually up and running in minutes.

Kids understand Steve's stuff. Kids and adults haven't the foggiest about the president's stuff.

Every product Steve announces builds on another's success; every program the president announces seems to compound another program's mess.

To be fair, the president's stuff is big, and Steve's stuff is fun. But why do you have to make something big to be fun?

Steve keeps it simple with gadgets that make life even simpler. It seems all the president can do is come up with stuff that makes life tougher.

No, Steve's products aren't cheap, but they are reliable. The president's programs aren't cheap, but they aren't remotely reliable.

I know, night and day; a president pitching government and Steve pitching gadgets. But the gadgets are life-changers.

The president's government? Just for life; complete with a warranty that won't hold, a battery that won't last, and all underwritten by politicians who won’t, and don’t, give a damn.

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