On the front page of Wednesday's New York Times is an article about a new book by Jerome Corsi that bashes Barack Obama. Four years ago, Mr. Corsi wrote an anti-Kerry book and freely admits he wants conservatives in the White House.

Now these kinds of books are not unusual. There are scores of anti-Bush books around, the latest one by Scott McClellan. But Corsi's book is opening at No. 1 on the best-seller list, and there is a good reason why.

The Obama campaign has kept a very tight lid on the senator. Even after a year of campaigning, Americans still don't know what the man's belief system is. There's a tremendous curiosity about him.

Some voters who don't like Obama want their opinion reinforced, and other voters who are undecided about him are seeking information, even if it is negative. Because the senator simply will not sit for challenging interviews, many questions about him and his background remain unanswered.

Now, you may remember last January that the senator told me he'd come on "The Factor" after the primaries were over. So far, he has not consented to do that. And at this point, we're not hopeful.

So what am I to think? The man looked me in the eye, patted me on my shoulder, and now he's not doing what he said he'd do. We hope the senator changes his mind, but this dance has been going on far too long.

So as both a journalist and a voter, I would like to know why Barack Obama is so hesitant to define himself. It's simply not enough for me to listen to speeches written by other people and watch in-the-tank interviewers chat with him. I mean, I like softball, but enough's enough.

As everybody knows, we've been very fair to Senator Obama and to Senator McCain. We criticize them when we feel they're wrong. We set the record straight if we think they're getting hosed. Neither candidate should have a beef with us.

The end game is this: If Barack Obama continues to hide himself from American voters, he encourages negative information against him. Now, he might win the election anyway, but the Obama campaign is making a major mistake by hiding their candidate.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

The Police played their final concert here in New York City, honoring the New York City Police Department in the process.

Click here to watch "Pinheads & Patriots."

That was obviously the NYPD band with the rock band, and for that performance, The Police, both the group and the vocation, are patriots.

On the pinhead front, apparently some Burger King employees in Ohio had it their way. One employee took a bath in a restaurant sink while others watched and photographed.

All have now been fired, and all are pinheads. Those kinds of special orders do upset us.

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