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Limiting Your Choices

As President Obama revs up the effort to pass a nanny state health care plan, one of his main selling points is that if you like the care that you have you can keep it. That seems like a win-win situation, right?

Not so fast. The Power Line blog pointed out Tuesday that in testimony before Congress last week, Obama economic adviser Christina Romer admitted that the administration's health care bill may force you to give up your current care.

Take a look at her exchange with Georgia Representative Tom Price:


REP. TOM PRICE, R-GA.: What if you like what you have, Dr. Romer, though and it doesn't fit with the definition in the bill? My reading of the bill is that you can't keep that.

CHRISTINA ROMER, CHAIRWOMAN, COUNCIL OF ECONOMIC ADVISERS: I think the crucial thing the bill is talking about setting a minimum standard of what can count —

PRICE: So it's possible that you may like what you have but you may not be able to keep it, right?

ROMER: We'd have — I'd have to look at those effects.

PRICE: Good.


All of you out there need to keep in mind that universal health care may greatly limit your freedom, and now even the administration isn't hiding it anymore.

Talkin' 2012

Obama senior adviser David Axelrod did some PR work for his boss on Sunday. When asked about the Democratic Party's prospects in the 2012 elections, he said the following:


DAVID AXELROD, SENIOR OBAMA ADVISER: Look, I think that the American people voted for change. They voted for action. They voted to get things done. And to deal with the big problems facing this country.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Like unemployment. We've kept it to 9.4 percent. High five!

AXELROD: I think the president has done that. I think he's done that at home. I think he's changed the tenor abroad in a way that is positive for the United States.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Bowing to foreign leaders does wonders for our image.

AXELROD: So, you know, I think that that has — that is going to root down to the benefit of the Democratic Party.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: I'm telling you, Americans love it when their president trashes the U.S.

AXELROD: The other fact is that those who oppose what he's doing is really — they're looking backwards, not forward.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Those stupid Republicans haven't realized that socialism is the way of the future.

AXELROD: And the question is what are you going to do to build a better future? Don't recycle old ideas that haven't worked. Where are your new ideas?

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: We have nanny state health care, cap-and-trade and swine odor research. How can the Republicans compete with that?


I can tell from all the public opinion polls that all of your forward-looking plans are going over just great with the American people.

Hey, David, keep up the good work.

Moral Authorities

Media Mash is brought to you by Bill Clinton's former top adviser turned journalist George Stephanopoulos.

As NewsBusters.org points out, he spoke with Paul Krugman of The New York Times on Sunday to talk about politicians who commit adultery. You won't believe what they say. You'll love it. Take a look:


PAUL KRUGMAN, THE NEW YORK TIMES: Politicians at both parties stray. The Democrats actually seem to punish their strayers more harshly.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC NEWS: More recently that’s true.

KRUGMAN: Yes, at least recently that's been true.


I guess more recently wouldn't include the Bill Clinton era? Just a thought.


In the historic East Room of the White House Tuesday, President Obama delivered remarks honoring Lesbian and Gay Pride Month. When his speech was interrupted by a ringing cell phone, the president seemed to reenact a scene from a very popular movie.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: And that real transformative never begins in Washington — who's duck back there?



OBAMA: There's a duck quaking in there somewhere.


RODNEY DANGERFIELD, "CADDYSHACK": Did somebody step on a duck?


OBAMA: Where do you guys get these ring tones, by the way?


OBAMA: I'm just curious.


Like the late great Rodney Dangerfield, it seems that the president gets no respect. No respect at all.

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