If you don't like them, dismiss them. This administration's almost taken it to an art form.

Doesn't like FOX being critical, dismiss FOX.

Doesn't like those tea parties, dismiss the tea parties.

Doesn't like those annoying health care town hall protesters, dismiss the protesters.

If you can't shut them up, all but say, lock them up.

I know, that's a bit extreme. But nothing subtle about this administration's approach to criticism. Especially on this health care thing. If you raise serious questions about their fix for health care, they automatically say you don't want health care.

If you say, not true, just not your health care, they say you're for the status quo. If you say, not so, you don't like the status, but you really don't like their quo, well, you're a clod. If you question their math, you're stupid. If you ask proof for their math, you're sinister. If you ask if all are covered, a goal they picked, well, you just nit-pick. Then if you dare speak up, you're part of a set-up.

Your rage isn't real. It's fake. And you're a fake.

I've seen all this before. Tea parties weren't about taxpayers teed off, but protesters all but bought off. Tea partiers reduced to snide sexual innuendoes. And some, worse, racists.

I've said it before. I'll say it again. I take issue not with the color of this president's skin. But maybe the thickness of it. And the thickness of all those around him, especially those hell-bent on health care their way or the highway.

Democrats are in the majority and free to pull their weight. But they can't blast those even in their party who resent their pulling rank. Because the rank is not all in file on this. Some Democrats themselves are even tired of this. Of questioning one's patriotism if one dare questions their goal. Or one's intentions if double checking their math.

This isn't about red or blue, but seeing things in black and white. Because this isn't Democrat or Republican. This is us. After all, we all pay the bills. We've heard you out.

Now hear us out.

Demean our intentions. Dismiss our criticisms. And laugh at our agenda. Just understand our agenda is supposedly your agenda. To do something better without making something worse.

So when we fear the latter, prove to us that you're better. Without saying our cause or protests are lesser. You'll be surprised how open Americans can be. You haven't lost support because people hate you.

They've just been listening to you. And now a Quinnipiac poll confirms what I've been telling you. Folks are concerned. Not clueless. Concerned. Not bought and paid for. Just curious how we pay for what you bought.

That doesn't make us pathetic. That makes us something else. Patriotic. Free to speak. Just like you're free… to listen.

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