The governor of the conflict-ridden Mexican state of Oaxaca promised Wednesday to devise a plan to end more than five months of protests featuring widespread calls for his resignation, the Mexican government said.

A news release by the Interior Department said Gov. Ulises Ruiz pledged to come up with a six-point plan during a closed-door meeting with Interior Secretary Carlos Abascal — a day after Abascal remarked that Ruiz should step down if he can't reach an agreement with his opponents.

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The plan, which the news release said "will be presented shortly to the Oaxacan people," is to include six goals: reconciliation, state reform, economic recovery, safety, "redesign of government structures," and progress on accords reached with striking teachers who have agreed to go back to work, but say that unstable conditions make it impossible to restart classes.

There was no immediate response from protesters to the announcement.

Protesters have erected barricades throughout the city and clashed with federal police in conflicts that have left nine people dead.

The protesters accuse Ruiz of rigging the 2004 election and sending thugs to intimidate his opponents.