O.J. on love, Kirsten Dunst gets a little crazy and Chris Rock doesn't roll, all in the harsh glow of The Foxlight.

O.J. Simpson claims women are his biggest defenders - and that they're attracted to him now more than ever because of something he calls the bad boy syndrome. And who's he attracted to? Heather Graham, lock your doors. Simpson tells the New Yorker magazine the Austin Powers costar is his type. And he loves Love. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Quote - "That girl got booty for days." Um, congratulations?

Kirsten Dunst didn't mind having greasy hair and wearing scanty outfits in Crazy/Beautiful. Dunst says she even told the hairdresser to "put more muck" in her hair. She says she wanted to look "distressed." I'm sure she looks that way today. Despite generally positive reviews and a Save The Last Dance kind of interracial story line, the film came in 8th place this weekend.

But that's nothing compared to how Chris Rock must be feeling. His Pootie Tang didn't finish in the top ten in the weekend box office race. The film based on a character from his HBO show made a paltry $1.5million in over 700 theaters. This Tang looks to dissolve quickly, but could have a cult following on Comedy Central or DVD.