A 7-month-old girl who survived a building collapse when her deluxe stroller folded around her like a cocoon has been released from the hospital after two days.

Abby Lurensky (search) blinked and wiggled inside her purple jumpsuit Saturday, showing no signs of her ordeal, as her parents made a brief appearance outside their Manhattan (search) apartment. They declined to take questions from reporters.

Paramedics said Abby initially was unresponsive and turning blue when bystanders dug through a tangle of concrete and steel Thursday to free her crumpled carriage from the wreckage of a supermarket being demolished.

But she was largely unhurt, thanks to the cover from the shower of debris provided by her Mountain Buggy Urban Double Stroller and to her attentive nanny, Brunilda Tirado (search).

Tirado, 56, tried to shield Abby from the falling debris, then cried "Help my baby!" to rescuers. She suffered a broken leg and broken arm.

Three others were injured when the building suddenly fell, hurling debris onto a busy Broadway sidewalk. None of the injuries was life-threatening.

Paramedics said Abby might have died if not for the protection of her stroller. The Mountain Buggy, which sells for more than $600, is made of padded fabric stretched over aluminum frames and has 12-inch, air-filled tires.