Nuclear Revelations

And now the most intriguing two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

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Nuclear Revelations

The revelation that North Korea has a nuclear weapons program comes only days after the Nobel Prize was awarded to former President Jimmy Carter in no small part because of the assurances he got from North Korea on its nuclear program back in 1994 that were seen at the time as defusing a crisis that could have led to war.

As Leon Sigal, author of a book on the nuclear diplomacy with North Korea put it, "Carter had obtained Kim Il Sung's personal pledge to freeze North Korea's nuclear program." Sigal called the Carter visit, "a triumph."

Failed his Pop Quiz

Incumbent Republican Senator Wayne Allard of Colorado, who's in a tight reelection race, had a tough outing in a debate last night with his challenger, lawyer Tom Strickland.

Journalists gave the candidates a pop quiz on current events. Allard did not know the name of the leader of North Korea and was off by two cents on the price of a postage stamp, now at 37 cents.

But challenger Strickland didn't do any better. He whiffed on the religious leader of Iran and missed on the price of a gallon of unleaded gas by twenty cents.

Something Against Election Reform?

Only two Senators voted against that election reform bill that sailed through the Senate last night -- New York Sens. Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer.

The bill would provide $4 billion to upgrade election equipment across the country, but it also contains anti-fraud provisions, including a requirement that voters provide a driver's license or other identification to vote.

Senator Clinton told the New York Post that the ID requirement would, "make it more difficult to vote in New York," where all that's required now is a signature.

Woody Rants

Woody Harrelson, the American actor and noted marijuana enthusiast, says he's, "tired of American lies." In an article published Thursday in the liberal British newspaper The Guardian, Harrelson, who is in London these days, says of the war on terrorism:

"This is a racist and imperialist war. The warmongers who stole the White House (you call them 'hawks', but I would never disparage such a fine bird) have hijacked a nation's grief and turned it into perpetual war on any non-white country they choose to describe as terrorist."