Now Is Not the Time to Give Up in Iraq

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I was standing outside a few minutes ago thinking about writing My Word about Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate leader who is trying to gin up the 41st attempt to legislate an end to the Iraq war.

Joe DiMaggio had a 56-game hitting streak. Harry Reid is coming on fast. He's now 0-40 and could go 0-41.

As I was standing there thinking, a tall muscular guy with a Marine haircut walked up and introduced himself and said he and his men used to watch "The Big Story" during their breaks in Iraq. As he was walking away I called him back and said, "What do you think about Harry Reid trying to stop the war now?"

He said: "They just don't get it. This is the time to close the deal. This is the moment we've all we been waiting for when this thing could go our way for good."

My new Marine friend may be going back. He doesn't mind. He thinks it's worth doing. He's an officer; he leads men. He thinks we are doing the right thing. I suppose he might have walked up to Harry Reid, too, had he seen Harry Reid standing outside somewhere taking some air.

Harry Reid should hear from this Marine. We've all had our doubts about the war and how it has been carried out. It's fine to say it hasn't gone well.

But when it is going well, when a strategy is working, when — as the Marine said — this is the time the Iraqi people are coming around, why is Sen. Reid choosing now to turn our backs on the people who have come to our side? Why is this the time to back out of success?

I know there is political mileage in Harry Reid's position, but I would think a U.S. senator would hate to be in the position that he is embarrassed by success.

Harry Reid is going to go 0-41. He's not going to be able to surrender in Iraq by a vote of Congress.

It isn't the time to give up in Iraq, but it is the time to give up trying to lose.

That's My Word.

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