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Here are just some of the stories we’re investigating:

Killer on the Loose: A Texas death row inmate somehow found some civilian clothing, changed out of his orange jumpsuit and used a fake ID badge to escape from the Harris County Jail (search). How could this happen? We’ll update you on the massive manhunt for convicted killer Charles Victor Thompson (search).

Pamela Vitale Murder: Is there a link between credit card fraud and Pamela Vitale's (search) homicide? Hear why cops are investigating a connection between alleged murderer Scott Dyleski (search) and an online credit card scam. Plus, why did authorities arrest and then release Dyleski’s mother in connection with the case? We’ll get an update from family spokesman Bob Massi and FOX News legal analyst Jim Hammer.

Missing Georgia Teacher: It's been days of searching, hoping and waiting, but family members and friends of missing teacher Tara Grinstead (search) still have no answers. Cadaver dogs are searching ponds and the area around her Macon, Georgia home while Irwin County High School students are still wondering if the eleventh grade teacher somehow met with foul play. Irwin County Sheriff Donnie Youghn joins the show with an update.

Natalee Holloway Case: Did Aruban officials botch the Natalee Holloway (search) case? Holloway's family is calling for the removal of three law enforcement officials who they said ignored promising leads and didn't take the case seriously early on. The Alabama teen’s family will be here with their reaction.

Baltimore Bank Robber: We’ll update you on the Baltimore manhunt underway for a former prison inmate responsible for six armed robberies in the area. And cops expect Jerome Owens (search) to strike again soon! Baltimore County Police Sgt. Vickie Warehime has that story.

Leslie Adams Missing Persons Case: Have you seen Leslie Marva Adams (search)? The Lilburn, Georgia woman went missing last week and investigators have found evidence of foul play in her apartment. Her sister, Roberta, joins the show along with Det. Marcus Head.

And, “America’s Most Wanted" (search) host John Walsh stops by for some crime time justice!

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