You know what I'd love to hear out of a candidate touring Pennsylvania, or soon Indiana, or North Carolina, or any state, really?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

No promise of more federal bucks or programs. Actually, no programs.

No promises, at all.

I've said it before, if I were running, I would pound it again and again: "I am not bringing home any bacon for you guys.

"No infrastructure projects. No projects at all.

"No new roads. No new schools. No bridges or highways. Hospitals with my name. Hospitals with any name.

"No jobs programs that yield no jobs. No programs — period.

"Nothing. Zilch. Zippo. Nada."

I would say the solution to our problems lies not in incentivizing the government to do more with our money, but regular folks to do more with theirs.

Not money to the government for government busy work, but money away from the government for lasting work.

And I guess people would get angry — maybe really angry. They'd expect bacon. Maybe they'd demand bacon.

And like I said, I'd have no bacon. And I would be fried.

Because I'd remind one and all — those not throwing things at me — that if you think the government can help you fix your books when it can't police its own, you're reading the wrong book. But one with a predictable ending: Of hopes dashed and money wasted and promises never fulfilled.

I'd tell them the gravy train stops, because there's no gravy on this train. Just us.

Then I'd leave the microphone quick. Yeah, even for a big guy... really quick.

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