Not All Dems Are Against Our Iraq Policy

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Not all Democrats believe that our Iraq policy is a miserable failure. Congressman Jim Marshall (search) is a Democrat from Georgia who just came back from Iraq. According to Congressman Marshall, the good news in Iraq far outweighs the bad.

Writing in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Congressman Marshall describes what he saw: "Throughout Iraq, American soldiers with their typical 'can do' attitude and ingenuity are engaging in thousands upon thousands of small reconstruction projects, working with Iraqi contractors and citizens... hundreds of schools are being renovated, repainted, re-plumbed and re-roofed. Imagine the effect that has on children and their parents."

The only group to whom he applies the term "failure" is the media covering Iraq: "They are dwelling upon the mistakes, the ambushes, the soldiers killed, the wounded… this falsely bleak picture weakens our national resolve, discourages Iraqi cooperation and emboldens our enemy." The ultimate affect of this constant barrage of bad news is devastating. Says the Congressman, himself a Vietnam vet: "I'm afraid it is killing our troops."

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