North Korea Should Not Derail U.S. on Iraq

About this situation with North Korea...

Some commentators think that because North Korea reneged on its nuke bomb deal with presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, President Bush now has to drop plans for going after Iraq.

They say that Bush hid this news because he was pressing Congress for a war resolution, and he didn't want it to appear that Iraq was not the top priority anymore.

Wrong, wrong and wrong.

What the North Korea deal proves is that it is wrong to try to negotiate with dictators on nuclear weapons. What it proves is that there is no point in asking Saddam Hussein to behave, that it's not a good idea to try to buy him off as we did with the North Koreans. These people have no problem with double dealing and betrayal.

What the North Korean deal proves is that Bush is doing precisely the right thing with Iraq.

North Korea now has a nuke bomb, and they effectively hold hostage 37,000  American troops along the DMZ. We can't attack North Korea without worrying about them getting hit by a nuke.

Would you like the same situation with Saddam? No. Therefore, you have to make darn sure he doesn't get nukes because if he does, he will stand up and holler "Check and checkmate".

President Bush has a duty to make sure that doesn't happen.

And by the way, why hasn't anybody thanked Bush for holding the news that North Korea renegged so as not to embarass Jimmy Carter just as he was getting that Nobel Peace Prize? Hmmmm?

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