North Dakota Woman Celebrates 105th Birthday

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Amanda Klinger can remember when Bismarck and Mandan were not connected by a bridge, and people had to use a ferry boat to cross the Missouri River.

Klinger celebrated her 105th birthday Monday in a Bismarck nursing home.

She rooms with her 84-year-old daughter, Verdell. Her 91-year-old sister, Ruth Lindblum, also lives in the home.

Amanda Klinger's parents came to the United States from Norway. She was born in 1904 on a farm near Elbow Lake, Minn., before the family homesteaded in North Dakota the following year, living in a sod house.

She remembers growing up on the farm near Voltaire and later Turtle Lake, but farm life wasn't for her. She said she decided, "I'll never marry a farmer because I didn't want to live on a farm."

Klinger has 14 great-great-grandchildren. She says she feels great.

As for any advice, she says, "Live from day to day, I guess. That's about it."