Health inspectors closed a Pizza Hut restaurant in east Raleigh after live mice were found inside the restaurant.

The restaurant scored a 90 during an inspection on Monday, but the inspector noted rodent droppings behind an ice machine. The inspector says the droppings weren't enough to close the restaurant because shs didn't see any live animals inside during the inspection.

A contractor laid out glue-covered boards Monday night to get rid of the rodents, and an employee found six live mice stuck to the boards this morning.

That employee called the Wake County Health Department, and an inspector ordered the Pizza Hut closed. She also pulled the restaurant's permit so it can't operate until the rodent problem is corrected.

Also, the employee who notified the health department about the mice says she was fired for reporting the problem.

A spokesman at Pizza Hut's corporate office says he expects the restaurant to reopen Wednesday.