After the election, George W. Bush took a congratulatory call from Jacques Chirac (search), the French president.

Gerhard Schroeder (search), the German leader, sent a telegram.

But Spain's anti-war, anti-Bush Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero (search) — Joe Shoemaker to us — was left hanging on the phone. Bush never picked up the call.

Why? Oh jeez, can we even count the reasons? Lets see: Zapatero elected on a platform of caving to Al Qaeda? Zapatero pulling his troops out of Iraq the instant he took control? Zapatero conspiring with the other European double-dealers to thwart whatever the U.S. wants?

Tuesday, Spain's little shoemaker said, "Europe must believe that it can be in 20 years the most important world power."

Hmm. At the moment we know the U.S. is the most important world power. So has the little shoemaker got some plans for U.S. leadership? Evidently.

He went on to say, "We want to arrange the European future at the side of France and Germany. Spain sees itself with France and Germany as never before."

I guess we knew that. Spain took one bombing on March 11 and ran for the exits as fast as it could. When it got to the exits, it found France and Germany already there and decided it was better hook up with the anti-American forces, which have refined lying to a fine art.

Smile and tell Bush congratulations and then work to stab him and the U.S. in the back? That is what they are up to.

In Wednesday's New York Times there was a big story on a company called EADS — the European Aeronautical and Defense conglomerate — that is trying to sell the Pentagon on the idea of buying Airbus aircraft for the Air Force air tanker fleet. Airbus — that would be French aircraft.

Are Americans dumb enough to let the French push an American company — Boeing — out of the running for U.S. Air Force air tankers? Are we as dumb as they think we are?

That's My Word.

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