A new drink sold in Arizona is being called “weed in a can” by some who use it, MyFOXPhoenix.com reports.

The drink, called Drank, is sold in a 16-ounce can and “tastes sort of like grape soda,” according to the report.

But it’s not an energy drink, said Brandon Rycombel, who sells Drank and delivers the product to stores.

Drank's ingredients include melatonin, valerian root and rose hips — herbs which are touted for their relaxation properties. All of the herbs are legal and can be purchased in any store that sells vitamins and supplements.

“I think a lot of people use that for stress relief,” Rycombel said. “That’s what we use it for. In our day and age, we’ve got a lot of stress. The economy is bad. People need something to help them relax, bring them down. …It’s legal.”

Drank comes with a warning: “This product may cause drowsiness. Not recommended more than two servings within a 24-hour period.”

A spokesman for the company told MyFOXPhoenix.com that the drink is an alternative — not a substitute — for marijuana, adding that energy drinks that contain caffeine also carry warning labels.

Not everyone agrees with the marijuana comparison.

Adam Hinojosa says drinking Drank helps him sleep. "While I have never tried pot, I will admit that I know a few people who have used it. I'd say the comparison is as wrong as you can be."

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