No Opinion

I'm always amazed in polls the surprising number of people who answer, "No opinion."

Amidst all the heat over President Bush, fully a quarter of Americans surveyed in one poll simply have "No opinion."

Ditto for the war in Iraq: Nearly a quarter apparently of no opinion "either" way — not for it, not against it, just not into it.

When I started looking into this more closely, I discovered it's a pretty good bet that at least one out of five folks — and usually more — have nothing to say… on anything.

On Hillary Clinton — 12 percent: no opinion.

On global warming — 20 percent: nothing.

On taxes — 22 percent: don't care.

No strong views on Congress. No views at all.

Even abortion or euthanasia.

You name it, a good many Americans don't much care about it — have no opinion on it.

I bet you if you pushed it as far as you could go — say the deliberate killing of puppies — you'd get the same stubborn plurality nonplussed.

It's amazing. Surely these people have strong convictions and views on "something." But apparently not.

Pollsters say these are the most difficult people to reach. Yeah! Maybe, I think, because they're dead.

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