And now the big fat lie that must be exposed. Taxes are going up for only a few, and going down for more than merely most.

Can't be, won't be. Talk all you want about 95 percent of Americans seeing their taxes cut. One hundred percent of Americans already are seeing their share of just the interest on that debt soar. One hundred percent of Americans who pay state and local income taxes will pay more in state and local income taxes. One hundred percent of Americans who are to get healthcare will pay more for that healthcare. Subtle in the early stages, anything but in the later stages.

Just like 100 percent of Americans who think cap and trade is the stuff of fat cats and titans will soon discover it's all cats and not just titans.

Because if you think the top two percent can pick up the tab for the full 100 percent, your odds of being right are zero percent. Not only because the deficit's climbing 300 percent. But the size of government itself is more than 400 percent.

I'm not 100 percent sure that bigger government is better government. I am 100 percent sure that bigger government is more expensive government for 100 percent of Americans; 95 percent of whom might think they're getting a break now. Only to discover the government will be breaking the news not too long from now.

You can't pay for all this without getting all to pay for this. One hundred percent of us. One hundred percent certain of this.

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