Have you ever stepped into a party and gotten the shivers?

You just don't feel great being there, so you keep asking yourself, exactly why am I here?

The United States is asking that question a lot these days at this big global party. It is paying for this big global party, but it is hated at this big global party.

Never mind that we pick up the tab for the booze, the food and the party hats. We get the distinct impression the folks for whom we're putting on the shindig don't want us at the shindig.

So here's what I propose: Lets leave the shindig. We'll take the punch bowl and don't forget the party favors. Take them all and leave it all.

Germany doesn't like our troop presence in their country. So let's leave their country.

France complains about our pushy role in NATO. So let's leave NATO.

South Korea gripes about our tough North Korean talk. So let's leave them to fend with North Korea.

Puerto Rico wants us off the island of Vieques. So lets leave Vieques and while we're at it, leave Puerto Rico too.

How different the world would be if the United States weren't busy looking after it.

France, you don't like us doing it? You have a go at it.

Germany, you don't like the way we tackle global bullies? You tackle them.

Belgium, you don't like the way we're pressuring the United Nations? Why don't you pick up the tab to run the U.N.

For too long and for too many we have been too giving. So let's stop playing patsies, stop paying their bills, stop protecting their interests and stop enduring their bitching.

And for what? A slap in the face and a stab in the back.

No more. You don't want us? You won't get us.

And the next time some threat is coming your way, you deal with it.

You're too busy to help look after us? We'll don't be surprised if we don't pick up the phone, when you're desperately wondering, who is going to look after you.

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