Nitwits of the Week: Boston College Students, Professors That Protest Condi Rice

It's Friday and we're instituting a new service here on "The Big Story." We're looking for the person or persons deserving special attention as our "Nitwit of the Week."

On Monday, Boston College will have its commencement and graduates will gather to hear an address from Dr. Condoleezza Rice, the United States secretary of state.

She is arguably the highest-ranking African-American woman in the three centuries or so that African women have been present in America. She is the secretary of state of the most powerful nation on earth. She is discussed regularly as a candidate to be president of the United States.

Yet 200 or so students at Boston College, along with some professors, will be protesting her presence at Boston College, protesting especially the school conferring upon her an honorary doctorate.

Why? The students say they object to her presence because she doesn't represent their values.

An adjunct professor and part-time novelist named Steve Almond actually quit over her appearance saying in his resignation letter that he and others object to her because she is a liar.

As far as the professor goes, I spoke to him on my radio show — until he hung up on me — and the college should consider his resignation good riddance.

When it comes to the students we have to consider some facts. These are students whose parents have paid upwards of a $1,000 a week for them to be in the school. They have lived protected and sheltered lives. They didn't suffer an attack on 9/11.

They haven't fought the wars that followed. They have virtually no experience in life, except what happened before they left home and what happened when the college professors got hold of them.

Condoleezza Rice helped free more women in Afghanistan and Iraq than anybody has ever freed in the history of man. She is playing a major role in a solution to the war in Darfur.

Condi Rice doesn't represent their values. I should say not, since their values seem to be intolerance, closed-mindedness and the cocksureness of youth that allows a college student to pass judgment on a secretary of state.

"Nitwits of the Week" go to the students and professors of Boston College who will protest Condi Rice on Monday when they should be listening attentively and thinking. They might want to try it sometime. Listening and thinking certainly can't hurt.

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