In New York City they are thinking of adding new tolls to raise money. In New Jersey, higher hotel fees. California is considering a variety of excise taxes. And in Chicago, something about an Internet usage surcharge.

I don't care what they call it. I call it highway robbery.

These guys will nickel-and-dime you to death. And why? Because they're running big deficits and they have to find someone to dig them out. So cough it up.

I don't dismiss the trouble these guys are in now. But what the heck were they doing when they weren't in trouble? When the money was flush and surpluses were everywhere? Where was the cautious spending then?

We all know from our own lives, that you plan for rainy days. Days when the furnace breaks and  the car that goes kaput. But what about these guys? Many were stupid enough to keep spending.

No bridge was too big. No road too long. No construction project too grand. Our money was their money and they spent it -- every last penny of it.

Now their well is dry, but not their arrogance. The prodigal public profiteers have returned and they need more money. My apologies to the Bible, but this is one prodigal story that I think should have a different ending.

You soaked us. You fooled us. You abused and stole from us. And now you expect to tax us?

Only in America are public officials free to be clueless and stupid. But that doesn't mean we should be. Remember, a government that gives everything, can leave you with nothing.

We can either live with it and just pay it. Or wake the hell up and start demanding accountability for it.

They built this cesspool. I'll be damned if I'm paying for the cleanup.

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