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Tuesday night I asked our troops in Baghdad to send me some pictures. Here are three great ones and a note from Major Davis.

You’ll love the pictures – plus, note that her husband is also serving in Iraq and both have volunteered to extend through June. To other troops who are reading this blog, send pictures!

Hello from Baghdad!

I've attached three pictures that were taken last fall in Ad Dujayl, Iraq. I was attached to the 4 Engineer Battalion (Combat), 3rd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division as the Civil Affairs Chief, Direct Support Team 8A. The pictures are of (Photo No. 1) SGT Antonio Serna, Recon NCO, 4 EN Bn with boys at the Zbidat School in Ad Dujayl. In the morning, this is a boys primary school. In the afternoon, it is a girls primary school.

Photo No. 2 is a picture of me with two of the girls' school primary teachers and one of the primary school classes at Zbidat in the afternoon. The 4th ID had "Operation Pencilbox" going on at that time. The operation provided school supplies to students returning to school. The school was renovated prior to the Fall term beginning by the U.S. Army and an NGO, CONCERN, from Ireland.

Photo No. 3 was taken 9/29/03. The EN Bn had cleared UXO (unexploded ordnance) from the soccer field and flattened it out so that the field was safe and usable for soccer, again. The U.S. Army had ordered soccer nets and soccer balls for the Youth Center. The players in this game are from the local Ad Dujayl team (who were really good!) and the 4EN Bn soldiers. The Ad Dujayl team won the game, but we won brownie points. The 4EN Bn was commanded by LTC Laura Loftus.

Both my husband (LTC Walter J. Davis), who is also here as a Civil Affairs officer, and I volunteered to extend through June. He is assigned as the Military Liaison to the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works. We are fortunate enough to have access to a TV and watch you every morning while getting ready for work.

MAJ Risé Davis
Project Manager
CPA/Baghdad Central

Fab Four?

Tuesday night -- and maybe tonight -- Tony Snow is guest hosting for Bill O'Reilly. O'Reilly works from a studio at our FNC headquarters in New York and Tony works in our D.C. bureau. So how does he do the show?

Here is a behind the scenes look at the studio where Tony guests hosts “The O'Reilly Factor."

Photo No. 4: Take a look at the chair that Tony sits on. Note that this studio (No. 4 in our D.C. bureau) is the most hated among those of us who work there.  The picture may help you understand why we all hate it.

Photo No. 5 is taken from the opposite vantage point -- looking into the camera. I am told that this studio -- named studio No. 4 even though there are only two others... go figure -- is going to soon undergo renovations. I am not sure exactly what is being done but there is a great deal of construction that is going on in our D.C. bureau.

Finally, I thought the pictures might be sort of "fun" today. The news has been particularly gruesome the last few days and I thought we could all use it.

P.S. For all of you who want to know where you can buy a chair cushion like the one on the stool Tony sits to do the show, you should e-mail him and ask him.


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