In Switzerland, the Society of St. Nicholases, which is essentially the Santa Claus union, has issued a ruling to its 100 professional Santa clauses to not let the little kiddies sit on their laps. The National Association of Santas is worried about charges of pedophilia — child molestation — if the kids are sitting on Santa's lap.

Here we go folks. My long-predicted war on Christmas officially begins this week, the day after Thanksgiving.

And to prove it, check this out. The Catholic League, which keeps an eye out for what it sees as bias against Christians, is decrying a decision reportedly made by officials at the Florida Gulf Coast University.

As reported by WBBH TV down there in Florida, the Florida Gulf Coast University has pulled a song from an upcoming winter concert because it mentions Christmas.

The TV station quotes University spokeswoman Susan Evans saying Christmas songs have to go because "there are so many traditions, Christmas and this time of year the Jewish (holiday) and Kwanza. There's no way we could cover them all."

Really? How many traditions are there, really? A Christmas song, a Chanukah song, a Ramadan song, a Kwanza song. We're up to what, four? What's so hard about that? You could probably do two for each and still throw in "Frosty the Snowman."

The school says it's not a Christmas celebration anyway. In fact, it's not even a holiday celebration. It's an end of the semester celebration.

Oh, I get it. So the choir must sing something for end of semester. Like what? School's out for summer? You may have noticed it's not summer at the end of this semester.

Now come on. Even though the school says there isn't a Christmas suppression issue here, it smells like one and the reason is simple. This happens all over. This is the time of the year for the convenient excuse to not say or sing Christmas. Somebody might be offended. Some ACLU lawyer may show up, it may cost some money.

Here's a news flash: Christmas is not illegal. The Supreme Court has never said you must ban Christmas trees or Santa or Christmas carols.

All the gory details are in my book "The War on Christmas." Check it out. Keep a sharp eye peeled for this kind of trouble.

That's My Word.

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