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This is exquisitely rich.

Today The New York Times is accusing the Bush administration of an illegal leak of secret information, which may endanger American lives.

Wow. No sense of irony over there at The Times. They can leak the NSA secret wiretapping program, they can leak the Treasury Department's secret program of following terrorist money, they can leak secret memos on the progress of the war, but none of that, evidently, seems to Times editors to endanger Americans. But this latest so-called leak by the Bushies does.

And worse, the so-called leak is — get this — an Iraqi plan to make a nuke bomb.

It was posted in a trove of captured Iraqi documents on a government Web site. From that site it has also been discovered that Saddam Hussein was planning terror attacks against the West with Al Qaeda, but that has never interested The New York Times before. Why not? Because it runs counter to The Times' argument that Saddam posed no danger. It has also been The Times' argument that Iraq and Saddam had no WMD, especially not nukes.

So now they're screeching about the fact that Iraq did have plans to build a nuke bomb and Bush's crew had it posted on a Web site.

Let's see. "Bush lied, people died" becomes "Bush tells the truth and now people might die?"

I think The Times buried the lead: Saddam had plans to build a nuke bomb. This goes along with the fact that Saddam's agents were, in fact, shopping for yellowcake in Niger. See Christopher Hitchens' excellent essays on this subject.

But it must have been a bad day over at The Times.

"Let's see, we have to admit that Bush was right about Saddam and WMD. So how do we make this look bad for Bush? Simple. We point out the evidence of Saddam's WMD was on an open Web site. We can say the Iranians probably got their nuke bomb plans from this U.S. government Web site."

Would I be right to call this a flip-flop on the part of The Times? Would I be right to assume the hysteria at The Times about this late awakening to Saddam's nukes might mean the election is only a few days away?

I would be right.

That's My Word.

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