New York Man Used Voodoo Threats to Scare Teen Girls Into Rape 'Rituals'

A 51-year-old man who claimed to practice Voodoo has admitted telling underage girls that if they refused to have sex with him terrible things would happen to them and their families.

Hector Aviles of Yonkers pleaded guilty Thursday to second- and third-degree rape, said Janet DiFiore, the Westchester district attorney. Aviles could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison.

DiFiore said that at various times in 2006, Aviles told three girls, ages 16 and 14, that he could help them with such problems as boys and parents if they engaged in a sexual "ritual" with him. He warned that if they backed out, he would make bad things happen to them and their relatives.

The district attorney said that when he was arrested, Aviles told police he practiced Voodoo.