Some in Great Britain (search) are calling for the government to rein in the abortion-at-anytime laws that have been on the books since the late 1960s.

One reason for the new push against abortion is powerful 3D images that are now possible with the latest in ultrasound technology (search). It produces pictures from the womb in more detail than ever before — moving, yawning, even appearing to smile.

If a woman still decides to have an abortion after seeing such vivid images she may not be fit to be a mother, pro-life activists contend. Abortion rights groups say hype over the new ultrasound shouldn't shock the government into change.

Currently, abortions are relatively easy to get up to 24 weeks, or six months, of pregnancy. Some want to reduce that threshold to three months. Parliament is expected to be taking the matter up for debate in September.

Most abortions are performed within two months. Late-term abortions are normally done because the health of the mother is at stake or the baby looks likely to be born severely handicapped.

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