The next cast of CBS' "Survivor" will include a retired astronaut who flew in space three times, twice on the space shuttle Discovery.

The 12th version of the popular game, this time set in Panama, will feature tribes briefly separated by age and an exile where a contestant can profit after stomaching some time alone.

Dan Barry, a 52-year-old ex-astronaut from S. Hadley, Mass., is among the 16 cast members. Barry last flew in space in 2001, and he has four space walks to his name. A yoga instructor, nurse, engineer, lawyer, social worker and logging sports performer are among his competitors.

On "Survivor: Panama — Exile Island," at least one cast member each episode will be sent alone to a separate island miles from the others. Hidden on the island, however, will be an immunity idol.

The next "Survivor" edition begins on CBS Feb. 2.