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This weekend don’t miss the launch of our new crime show, "The Lineup," for an investigative look at America’s high-profile crimes and cases, murders and mysteries. It's Crime Time coverage on FOX News Channel!

Here are just some of the stories we’re investigating:

The Case of Sue Ann Ray: Was there foul play in the disappearance of a young mother from Woodstock, GA? Sue Ann Ray has been missing since late August after she went to her estranged husband’s home. We’ll take you inside the investigation and tell you about a bizarre twist in the tale.

Viking Sex Scandal: Were players from football’s Minnesota Vikings (search) involved in drunken behavior, nudity and visible sexual activity onboard a boat cruise? We’ll get to the center of the sex inquiry that has investigators scrutinizing allegations of criminal sexual conduct.

Natalee Holloway Case: In a shocking twist of events, Deepak Kalpoe (search) told a polygraph expert that he, his brother, and Joran van der Sloot, had sex with missing Alabama native Natalee Holloway. How could his admission impact this international mystery? We’ll ask Aruba’s new deputy police chief, Gerold Dompig.

VCU Co-ed Taylor Behl: As family and friends bid their final farewell to Virginia Commonwealth University student Taylor Behl (search) on Friday, investigators have launched an aggressive investigation into a man they consider a strong suspect in her case. Did amateur photographer Ben Fawley abduct and murder the college freshman? We investigate.

Fetus Theft: What would possess a woman to club her neighbor over the head, take her to a wooded area, and slice open her abdomen with a razor knife in attempt to take her fetus? Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden has details on this vicious attack.

Sunday, October 16

3-State Manhunt: There’s a killer on the loose and the FBI wants him captured! Have you seen Melvin Keeling? Investigators say after murdering his 13-year-old neighbor, Keeling killed two store clerks at an Indiana gas station. He is also charged with sexually abusing a child. We’ll track his criminal spree and take you live to Cincinnati where investigators think Keeling may be hiding out.

Natalee Holloway Case: Will there soon be an arrest in Aruba? Natalee’s mother, Beth Holloway Twitty, reacts to Deepak Kalpoe’s shocking admissions that have authorities clamoring to close this case.

Oregon Child Abusers on the Run: We’ll take a look at a bizarre child abuse case in which suspects Michael and Terry Maez are wanted for abusing their 15-year-old daughter. Detectives are searching for the pair, who have taken their two young children and fled from their home. Will they find the pair before they do anymore harm? Find out this weekend!

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