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More Murtha Madness

With the Democrats securely in the majority, Washington's culture of corruption continues to thrive. The latest scandal falls at the doorstep of none other than John "My Constituents Are Racist" Murtha.

Congressional Quarterly reports that more than 100 House members secured earmarks for clients of the PMA Group, a lobbying firm famous for its ties to Representative Murtha. The group's offices were raided by the FBI, which is investigating suspicious campaign contributions PMA made to Murtha and others. Ninety-one of the 104 lawmakers who granted earmark requests for PMA clients just so happened to receive sizeable campaign contributions from PMA.

Representative Peter Viscolsky — who earmarked almost $24 million for PMA — received $219,000 in campaign donations from the group.

Murtha — who has earmarked a whopping $38.1 million for PMA — has received $143,600 in campaign donations from them.

And Representative James Moran — who has earmarked $10.8 million for PMA clients — has raked in more than $125,000 from them since 2001.

Oh yeah, they're all Democrats! Welcome to President Obama's new Washington.

Blatherin' Biden

We have a vice presidential edition of Liberal Translation as Joe Biden tried to steal the spotlight from Barack Obama at Tuesday's billion dollar bill signing:


VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Mr. President, it's a slight diversion, but I think we've got to be nice to him. The chairman of the Finance Committee, Max Baucus is here.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: Baucus in the house! I bet we can get another trillion out of him before the end of the year.

BIDEN: So we've got to make sure, Max, just remember when we call, when I call, just say, "Yes, Joe." All kidding aside, thanks for your help in this matter.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: OK — I think I heard somebody laugh. I wonder how long I can go without the boss turning my mic off?

BIDEN: You know, you don't need to be an economist to know that jobs are the engine of our economy.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: And the beauty of this country is any windbag can be elected vice president.

BIDEN: Without jobs, people can't earn and people can't earn, they can't spend and if they don't spend, it means more jobs get lost. It's a vicious cycle and that's the vicious cycle we're in today.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: But have no fear, hope is near! You are all about to have 13 extra bucks in your pockets per week! You're welcome!


I have a funny feeling that we may see Vice President Biden back on this segment in the not too distant future.

Obama's Altar

We know how they do it in Castro's Cuba and Kim Jong-il's North Korea: Plastering images of the dear leaders on sides of buildings and celebrating them in the streets.

In America, a Barnes and Noble store on Manhattan's Upper West Side celebrates our beloved leader in a store-front window (see image above) with a display complete with a video monitor that plays a loop of President Obama in action meeting the people and doing good deeds.

A special thanks to National Review's Jay Nordlinger for capturing that disturbing image on camera. Welcome to the creepy socialist "Twilight Zone," folks.

We Didn't Start…

One of the early mysteries of the Obama administration has been solved.

Politico.com reports that the person behind the January 25 evacuation of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building at the White House was Peter Orszag, the director of the Office of Management and Budget and the youngest member of President Obama's Cabinet.

Orszag confirms that he tried making a fire that afternoon, but what he was not aware of at the time, was that the Secret Service had capped the fireplace, causing smoke to fill his office, thus prompting a visit by the D.C. Fire Department.

Apparently Mr. Orszag was not a fan of the TV show "The West Wing." Next time maybe just raise the thermostat?

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