New Jersey's Budget Crisis and America's Ongoing Revolution

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So New Jersey has a budget deal. So, why should we care about the budget battle in New Jersey?

Except for Bruce Springsteen and the Atlantic City casinos, most Americans don't really care about Jersey. But what's happening there has more to do with Independence Day than all the week's July 4th parties put together. It's about Americans saying to politicians: "We've had it! "We're not going to give you another dime without a fight!"

Governor Corzine wants to raise the state sales tax to 7 percent from 6 percent. That may not sound like much to a mega-millionaire like Gov. Corzine, but it's a 16 percent increase and would mean an extra $275 a year for the average family.

And it's just another increase like so many before it, in a state with a history of political bosses who've been known to siphon off tax dollars to pay off mob cronies. Can you blame folks there for being just a tad cynical?

Gov. Corzine says it's important to balance the budget. No doubt. But why balance it on the backs of taxpayers, who are already paying a fortune in state taxes? Why not cut back on a budget that's almost doubled in six years?

The American Revolution isn't something that happened just once, a couple hundred years ago. It's a living, breathing revolution against those who think they're entitled to take "our" money and govern "our" lives as "they" see fit. Occasionally, the rest of us have to stand up and say: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more!"

So even though they have a deal for now, it isn't over in New Jersey. The American Revolution lives on.

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