New Jersey Teacher Orders 3rd Grader to Put Away Bible During Quiet Time

A third grader was told by a teacher at her New Jersey elementary school that the Bible was not appropriate reading material for quiet time, reported.

The teacher at Madison Park Elementary School in Old Bridge, N.J., ordered the girl, Mariah, to put away her Bible.

Michelle Jordat, Mariah’s mother, said her daughter was upset and confused by the incident, reported.

"This was injustice," Jordat said, according to

"No other child has to go through this again."

The school’s principal apologized for the incident, saying school policy does in fact allow students to read the Bible during quiet time and that the teacher had simply made a mistake, reported.

Jordat said she accepts the apology but also wants to see something in writing. She plans to talk to an attorney about the issue, according to the site.

The town’s board of education met with parents Tuesday evening to address concerns in the community.

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