Bored of checking that stripped-down version of Facebook? Try space instead.

NASA will phone home daily views of the infinite cosmos as long as you're sporting a shiny new Apple iPhone and a neat new software application.

Eager star-gazers can download the iAPODViewer, developed by the London-based software company Send Me to Space, and receive pictures directly from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day Web site.

A professional astronomer's description accompanies each picture.

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"The iAPOD application allows people to get a unique glimpse of our fascinating universe directly on their mobile phone," said Michael Kaye, a lead iAPODViewer developer.

Kaye said that the company hopes the new app will "encourage a whole new generation of space enthusiasts" who want to gawk at space images on the move.

That almost goes unsaid for astronomy students and space enthusiasts who don't mind shelling out a little over $2 at the Apple iTunes Store.

iPhone users can take advantage of a keyword search function to uncover every Picture of the Day ever published, as well as save their favorite pictures. Shaking the iPhone or iPod Touch produces a random image each time.

The software is also compatible with iPhone Safari, but specifically designed from the streamlined interface of an iPhone, designers said.

The new Apple app joins a growing number of astronomy-centered software for netizens, including Microsoft's free online WorldWide Telescope which allows users to zip through a virtual night sky.

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