Perhaps had it not been in Washington. Had it not involved a shooting there — at the Holocaust Museum, no less, there — and all the chaos and confusion that ensued there, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal.

Perhaps had this been Wichita today, rather than Washington today, no one would be obsessing so much today. Maybe if this were Anytown, America than the capital of America, you wouldn’t have seen a reaction this big or media coverage even bigger.

Perhaps had we never had a 9/11 we wouldn’t be really fussing so much on this 6/10. But we did and we are because there was. The events of that fateful day back then, have forever changed the way we react to incidents that even remotely look like it or even hint of it now.

It is why we glue ourselves to TV screens fearing the worst and why investors ask questions later but not before selling first. So never let it be said that we have gotten over this terror thing. That the years have made us forget.

Forget that. And remember this: When this story first hit, other news suddenly stopped. And just as suddenly not a single business pal of mine wanted to talk about a "pay czar" in Washington. Just if I had heard anything – anything at all – about a bizarre shooting in Washington.

That is terror. It stays with you. I guess because even when the frantic fears die down, it never leaves you. And if today is any example at all, it never will.

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