Never A Dull Moment

Dear Viewers,

Last night's show got a bit "confused" midway through the show. As you may know, we divide the show into segments that we identify by letters — A thru G.

Segment C was supposed to be about the 6 murders in Kansas City, Missouri and then segments E and F were supposed to be an update about the Scott Peterson (search) double murder trial.

Just as I came on camera to begin segment C and to ask about the Kansas City murders, my N.Y. based producer informed me we were having technical problems and NOT to go to the reporter in Kansas City but to go to Gloria Allred.

The producer had no time to tell me not to ask Gloria about the Kansas City murders but I was smart enough to know not to do that! I then did some awkward introduction of Gloria and asked her something — not even sure what — about her client Amber Frey.

As soon as Gloria began to answer I regrouped in my mind and continued to interview Gloria about the trial. When I began to talk to her, I had no idea how long the interview would be or if the other panelists would be joining us in the segment. It was totally flying by the seat of my pants.

It is hard to be organized in an interview when you have no idea how long it will last. I could not ask my producer since I was on camera with a hot mike. After the segment, and during the commercial break, I was able to talk to my producer in N.Y. and he explained in greater detail the problems we were having in Kansas City.

We then pushed the Kansas City segment to segment F and continued the show. It may not seem like a big deal - and it isn't (no one died) - but it is rather "surprising" when the show changes so abruptly since I do have in my mind the order of the show and how I want to conduct interviews.

As for those of you who read my blog on Friday about my flight ... it got a bit nuttier. After my original flight was cancelled, and after boarding a flight for a different city (I had no choice since there were no other flights available), my flight was delayed on the tarmac.

Why? Two passengers got into a fight and the police were called. Eventually I got to my destination and all of this falls under the headline "never dull."


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