Neil Sedaka: Back and Better Than Ever!

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Neil Sedaka is back and better than ever!

After the music legend's three songs this morning, I am once again a believer that he will be No. 1 in music again. I was shocked to find out in the break that he considers Christina Aguilera his personal friend. Yes, music bridges all generations! Also, I could not believe his passion for classical music.

As for the show, my "moment to remember" happened in the 8 a.m. hour when we had the chance to talk with the Kansas family saved from a tornado by a mattress and a smiling 1-year-old who was buried and found without even shedding a tear! To see Chris Cross, Kelsey Schroth, and Jaden all smiling — even though they have lost everything they own — was amazing!

Oh yeah, I met Ann Romney for the first time and was just amazed at how young she looked despite her battle with MS and five grown kids, many grandkids and long hours on the campaign trail. I was shocked to hear she hated our set furniture — maybe she has the power to rotate the seats out. The funniest guest Mo Rocca by a mile! He's starring on Broadway, but shined for us at the weather.

Well, until next time, keep watching "FOX & Friends." I am off to D.C. to accept an award on behalf of the show from the Armed Forces Foundation. They want to thank us for our support of the troops — you'll see the footage on Wednesday. Hope to bring in some important guests to the bureau for the show.

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See you Wednesday!


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