Nearly 200 Wannabe California Governors

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Now that we are just short of having 200 candidates running for California governor in the big recall election eight weeks from now, I think we might all wonder if the first casualty of the recall election might be the recall itself.

There are 32 million people in California. They now have to listen to their home state and — for that matter — themselves criticized as crazy, whacky, loopy, nutty and so on.

Not only that, but they have to hear the political process by which they choose a governor described as — among other things — a circus and carnival.

I lived there until I was 50, and I promise you, it wears on you.

The voters must also be ticked that they have to put up with yet another campaign season. Most states only have to deal with this mess every four years, when the governor is involved.

So I predict... the recall is on the block. The legislature would be glad to see it go.

The recall is just another example of how voters go around the Capitol in order to get done something that special interests (search) don't want.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) says he wants to clean up Sacramento. Gray Davis (search) should have said it years ago. If he had, he might have a better shot at keeping his job.

Of course, Californians could well short circuit the circus by voting against recall. Davis would then remain as governor and Schwarzenegger would go back to the movies... and maybe Californians would go back to trying to run that state as it should be run.

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