Nashville Gas Shortage Continues, Pipeline at Full Capacity

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Pipelines supplying Nashville with gasoline were running at full capacity after a shortage that officials said was spurred by panic buying.

Gov. Phil Bredesen said in a news release on Friday that the pipelines supplying Nashville should continue at full capacity into next week.

Still, Bredesen urged Nashvillians to conserve fuel, saying the city could continue to see shortages for the next few days.

Tennessee Oil Marketers Association Associate Director Emily LeRoy had said earlier in the day there was fuel coming in, but the pipeline supply was sporadic.

LeRoy said some Nashville stations had reported double their usual fuel sales volume for a week, since Hurricane Ike came ashore in Texas — a sign of panic buying.

Meanwhile Knoxville — which had a similar problem over last weekend — was receiving adequate delivery and prices had dropped.

Memphis and Chattanooga reported no problems obtaining fuel.