Nasal Spray May Soon Enhance Your Love Life!

Boost Your Libido

I hope you got the chance to watch today. Dr. Manny had a great segment on a NASAL spray that may soon be approved to boost libido! They discovered the spray was good for that while researching tanning sprays.

Tomorrow, Dr. Manny will show us about the Botox he had injected into his forehead — What exactly does it look like, feel like and do for you? — You’ll see up close and personal!

E-Coli outbreak in New Jersey

Nineteen people so far are sick and two are experiencing kidney failure. What food actually made them sick? Did they all eat at the same Taco Bell? Where did the food come from and could it have been delivered elsewhere? All are questions we are checking on for you.

California Wildfires

In Ventura County, Calif. the huge wildfire continues. It is almost impossible to fight because of the high winds gusting up to 70 miles an hour. They can’t get the planes or choppers in the air to dump water. They can’t create "set back fires" because they fear they could burn out of control and add to the problem. A thousand homes are threatened and a number have already burned to the ground.

Great Gifts

We continue our great gift idea segment. Today, we highlighted the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. They have bears this season that raise money for endangered species. They are delivered in a really cute box that kids can color. Five dollars of each sale goes to the International Fund for Animal Welfare. It’s a cute bear and helps endangered bears! Stay tuned, tomorrow another great gift idea! I will keep the entire list on

I also keep the information about many of the guests we have on the show. I have a link to the rock music that helps increase your child’s S.A.T. score. It is so good that I am buying it. I’m putting my money where the news is so to speak.

I also put up the White House Egg Nog recipe. It is yummy…and potent!! :)

See you tomorrow.


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