I have a big beef with an all-too over-used expression in my business: "Sources say." Naturally, I want to know, "What sources?"

Who said that? I need names.

Now, sometimes, as a journalist, I can understand some people can't speak on the record. More than a few CEOs and politicians have given me doozies, as long as I don't report their names. I'm always careful, because, after all, they could be using me.

But enough about me. This is about John Kerry (search). Saying first world leaders want him to be president -- even though he didn't say "which" world leaders. Then adding this week that "business leaders" also are concerned about President Bush -- even though, again, he didn't say "which" business leaders.

Enough. My sources tell me they're sick of it!

I'm being funny here, but I think when you're running for president of the United States, you shouldn't be funny.

You're bigger than journalistic schmucks like me. You should have higher standards than schmucks like me.

You should name your sources and source your attacks.

If you're calling someone names, name those names.

Or name the people who are shouting those names.

It's why I so sparingly quote un-named sources. And why I expect my presidential candidates to do no less.

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