Naked Cowboy Arrested in San Francisco

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New York City's famous Naked Cowboy was due in a San Francisco court on Monday after being arrested there Friday while singing in his underwear, the New York Post reported.

Robert Burck, clad only in skin-tight underpants, cowboy boots and a hat, was busted on a sidewalk just outside of Union Square for performing his act in a restricted area.

He said the West Coast cops didn't immediately recognize him as Times Square's most famous street performer — and mocked his familiar ensemble when they got him back to the station.

"It was nonstop. They're laughing hysterically because there's this guy in his underwear," Burck told The Post. "Then they were like, 'Oh, that's the Naked Cowboy.' "

The arresting officer claimed Burck violated rules posted in Union Square against soliciting and playing an instrument. He was given a citation for "violating a posted sign."

Last month, a judge ruled that Burck could continue a trademark violation lawsuit he brought against a blue M&M that wears a white cowboy hat, cowboy boots and underpants.

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