Nader Will Teach Kerry?

Dear Viewers,

You never know who you will run into near the elevators at Fox!!

Yesterday Ralph Nader (search) rushed in to appear on Fox — he was late for his appearance on "The O'Reilly Factor". I literally chased him out the doors to the elevator as he was making his way to a studio to appear on the air.

Usually Ralph is quite friendly to me (I have known him for many years having lived in Washington, DC and being in the media.) But last night he was rather "short" with me -to put it gently- which surprised me.

This was a first. His assistant was even less friendly...

Maybe Nader did not like my question, which was whether he intended to stay in the race in Wisconsin (search) if he would have an impact on the outcome of the presidential race. I was merely curious since Wisconsin is my home state and it is a swing state.

Right now, and with Nader on the ballot in Wisconsin, President Bush would likely win Wisconsin. Most people believe that if the voters don't vote for Nader, they will vote for Kerry. So if Nader pulls out, the 10 Electoral College votes would likely go to Senator Kerry.

Ralph Nader is poised to be like Ross Perot was in 1992 for Bush 41 - the "spoiler" for Senator Kerry. In a presidential race which is projected to be a "cliff hanger," Nader could be a very significant factor. This is not a race where either candidate can afford to "lose" 10 Electoral College votes.

As I followed Nader to the elevator, he said, "I am going to teach Kerry how to win." I then followed up with, "does that mean you are going to stay in the race no matter what?"

And both he and his assistant said "yes" (and not in the friendliest of voices....)  Nader was obviously not pleased with my question - either he is sick of being asked that question or he was a bit short tempered by the stress of being late.

Frankly, I can understand how he feels. Sometimes getting asked a question for the millionth time is annoying ... and sometimes being late makes me irritable, too.


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